Special Presale pricing available now for our first 500 customers. 

Special Presale pricing available now for our first 500 customers. 

About Us


M7 Emergency was founded by 2 small town guys from Southern Utah.  Both of us had recently started families.  We began to worry about how we would survive if an emergency hit.  Ryan had an extensive background in wilderness survival and knew that he could survive by himself.  Both of us were Eagle Scouts that had knowledge on how to circumvent many disasters.  However, we both acknowledged that neither one of us knew how to make sure we could protect our small families in case of a true crisis.

At times, this kept us up at night.  We worried about singular events like if someone broke in to our home at night, to more broad situations terrorist attacks, earthquakes and other natural disasters. We started to research how to survive these situations, but we couldn’t find a simple solution.  We started to come up with solutions of our own.  As we found better and better solutions, we started to show them to those closest to us.  They loved the ideas so much, they encouraged us to take our knowledge nationwide. 

This is our movement: To Crisis-Proof the Family.  This means that in any emergency, isolated or widespread, the family unit will know what to do to have the greatest chance of survival.  Our families are the most important thing to us, and it is essential to have them with us at the end of any scenario.  We invite you to join the movement, and Crisis-Proof your own family!


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