Special Presale pricing available now for our first 500 customers. 

Special Presale pricing available now for our first 500 customers. 

EARLY BIRD! Couple 72-hour Kit Subscription Box

6 month subscription box Plan: Couple

This subscription includes two Utimate 72-Hour Kits.

This is a subscription box designed to make you and your loved one able to overcome any crisis that comes your way. In other words, this makes you Crisis-Proof.

Every month you receive double of the physical products for that month!

Example of first month box

  • 2 bug out backpacks
  • 2 50 ft paracord rope
  • 2 survival bracelets
  • 2 Camping Caribiners
  • Etc.
  • First month box valued at full retail of $330

    The total value of this subscription is over $1,000!

    Plus receive access to professional training and instructional material valued at $330 at no additional cost!

    • Crisis-Proof Go Cards
    • Lifetime Membership To The Crisis-Proof Family Activity Drill Subscription
    • Professional instruction on all products included in bag. Hazard, Safety, and Survival

    Sign up now to Crisis-Proof your life!

     ***All initial purchases are made a partial month in advance. All recurring charges occur on the 15 of every month. The box ships the beginning of the following month. Please note Early Bird Pricing for pre-order details***

    ***Early Bird Pricing is subject to our pre-order plan. All purchases are made today for the first month box which ships out in September. Recurring orders do not occur until AFTER your first month box is shipped***

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