Special Presale pricing available now for our first 500 customers. 

Special Presale pricing available now for our first 500 customers. 

This is a subscription box designed to make you and your family able to overcome any crisis that comes your way. In other words, this makes you Crisis-Proof.

People are all at different levels when it comes to family disaster preparation. Usually families range from stay-at-home emergency prep with their 19 years of food storage, to no preparation at all. Many families feel overwhelmed with beginning their family disaster preparation because they don't know where to start, what type of products they will need in a pinch, or they don't have enough money to bulk up on vital, durable emergency gear. This subscription builds you and loved ones a grab-and-go bag for grab-and-go emergencies, with the highest quality products available for 72 hour survival.

The subscription box plan is designed over a 6 month period with no contract.  Each month you get a box with exciting, new products and instruction designed to help your family know how to survive for over 72 hours.

These bug out bags arm you with the essentials to survive for 72 hours in case of any emergency. Each bag consists of high quality survival gear. Including:

  • High quality emergency backpack ($139.99 value!)
  • Food for 72 hour survival ($54.99 value!)
  • Water purification ($29.99 value!)
  • First Aid kit with instructions on how to use ($99.99 value!)
  • Emergency Radio ($29.99 value!)
  • Mini Survival Tool Kit ($24.99 value!)
  • Mylar products to keep you warm ($29.99 value!)
  • Plus over $260 more in additional supplies per bag!

After completion of the plan, each bag has over $500 value in physical life saving gear.

Plus receive access to professional training and instructional material valued at $330 at no additional cost!

  • Crisis-Proof Go Cards
  • Lifelong Membership To The Crisis-Proof Family Activity Drill Subscription
  • Professional instruction on all products included in bag. Hazard, Safety, and Survival

Sign up now to Crisis-Proof your life by selecting the best plan for you!

 ***All initial purchases are made a partial month in advance. All recurring charges occur on the 15 of every month. The box ships the beginning of the following month. Please note Early Bird Pricing for pre-order details***

***Early Bird Pricing is subject to our pre-order plan. All purchases are made today for the first month box which ships out in September. Recurring orders do not occur until AFTER your first month box is shipped***

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