Special Presale pricing available now for our first 500 customers. 

Special Presale pricing available now for our first 500 customers. 

The Birth of An Idea

December 22, 2017

The Birth of An Idea

November 17, 2017

M7 Tactical is a company born out of personal necessity.  My name is Wade Melling.  I founded M7 Tactical.  The idea of M7 Tactical came from a simple situation, one that happens to most of us regularly.  One night, I was sitting on my couch watching TV after everyone else had gone to bed.  All of the sudden, I thought I heard something, or someone, upstairs.  I wasn't overly scared, but I got up to check everything, as anyone would. As I was walking around, I couldn't help but have my thoughts wander to an experience I had about five years prior.


I lived abroad for several years, in the country of Kazakhstan.  One day, my roommate and I came home for lunch.  As we opened the door, we saw that our entire apartment had been turned upside-down.  


A thousand thoughts go through your mind when someone breaks into your home.  As my mind raced, one thought came to the forefront of the rest: is the person still here? My roommate had the same thought, as we both naturally moved towards the kitchen first in hopes to grab some form of self defense, before moving through the rest of the house.  Adrenaline coursed through my veins, causing my heart to pound.  We grabbed a simple kitchen knife, and proceeded around the rest of the apartment. We quickly found that no one was in the home, and were able to try to relax and put the pieces together. 


The next four hours were spent looking to see what was missing and putting the apartment back together.  Every cupboard in the house was turned out.  The mattresses were thrown against the wall. Every drawer was pulled out, their contents dumped on the floor.  We were only missing around $300, but what was really missing was the feeling of safety.  Although we didn't loose much money, I discovered that we lost the most valuable thing of all: our security.  That night, we laid in our beds, trying to sleep, but talked the whole night, unable to get any rest.  If that person had already broken through our locked door, what would stop them from doing it again?  Three days later, we had already found another apartment and moved. In our old home, we weren't sure if we would ever find that feeling of safety again.


Back to me, walking through my house.  I have a beautiful, incredible wife and two amazing kids. Both of my children are under the age of three. No stranger was in the house, but I realized that if someone had been, I would not be prepared for the situation. Because I wasn't ready for any situation, I felt I wouldn't have been able to properly take care of my family. I went to bed, still thinking about what I would do.


I couldn't shake the idea that I wasn't able to protect my family if a time of need arose. The next day, I went and googled simple ways to protect my family. Besides buying a gun, I didn't find a whole lot of advice.  After some more extensive searching, I found a common thread of something called Everyday Carry (EDC).  The idea was simple: there are items that are great to carry everyday, but also double as great ways to protect yourself.  However, the jargon was unique, and it was difficult to decipher effective search terms.  It was rather frustrating to me.  Fortunately, I had a few good friends who were familiar with EDC, so they were able to help me out.  I realized, though, that there are probably thousands of people out there, who want to protect their family, but don't know how.


This is where M7 Tactical was born.  Our Mantra is "Don't be scared. Be Prepared."  We are developing a line of products to help everyone protect themselves, wherever they may find themselves.  In conjunction with that, we are developing this blog and a YouTube channel, which will share simple advice for being prepared in every situation. Additionally, we are developing a charity that will develop short self defense classes where we will travel to colleges around the country and help young men and women be prepared.  Our goal is for every family in America to feel more prepared to protect themselves in case of any type of emergency.


We recently launched a tactical flashlight on Amazon, the first of a series of products that we are developing to achieve our goals.  We will share a YouTube Video Shortly that explains how to use a tactical flashlight in emergency situations, as well as blog posts to show the reason why we chose this.  Because of the product launch, click this link to get a flashlight for the launch price of $6.49. 


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