Special Presale pricing available now for our first 500 customers. 

Special Presale pricing available now for our first 500 customers. 

M7 Tactical to M7 Emergency

December 22, 2017

Official change from m7tactical.com to m7emergency.com

As many of you know, we began our journey as M7 tactical being the name of our business. This was because our main focus was going to be on EDC, self defense, and tactical gear. After many discussions and refocus, we decided to open up our market to a wider selection of emergency products. The companies official name is M7 Tactical still. In order to offer simple realization from our customer base on our wider product development, we re-vamped our website domain to be M7 Emergency. In order to simplify the change, in posts we will refer to ourselves as M7. 

To illustrate the decision for our development, let us ask you a series of questions. What are the three likely most types of crisis you are to find yourself in of the following:

  • Hurricane
  • Earthquake
  • Blizzard
  • Black Out
  • Home Invasion
  • Personal Defense Scenario
  • Flood

And add to this list any likely crisis given your geographical location. Of the scenarios, do you have the products and plans in place to be properly prepared in a moments notice?

  • Do you have a 72 hour kit
  • Emergency Flashlights
  • Methods of Communication
  • Back Up Batteries
  • Survival Kit
  • Water Purifier
  • Self Defense Tools
  • Survival Kits

This new option gives us an opportunity to reach a broader scope for some of our followers, while still being able to offer the focal point for the others. Thank you for understanding this exciting change we are undergoing and supporting us through the process! 

Check out our new site and browse our catalog where you will get free shipping on orders over $100. We have products for emergency food storage, 72 hour kits, survival kits, tactical products, camping and outdoors for both individuals and families. Our goal is to be a resource for every person to be crisis proof


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